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The Top Cat Wiki aims to be a database of clear, concise and unbiased information regarding the early 60s TV show Top Cat, produced by Hanna-Barbera. We hope to also include various other additional forms of media added in the franchise by Hanna-Barbera or Warner Brothers studios. We hope that we can all work together to improve the wiki, inform others, and include as much information as possible. The old Top Cat Wiki had become increasingly cluttered and messy, and had been long abandoned by its administrator, so we are looking to fix that by creating a newer wiki that is more regularly moderated and more professional.

What is TOP CAT?Edit

Top Cat is a Hanna-Barbera prime-time television show that aired from September 27, 1961 to April 18, 1962 with a total of 30 episodes chronicling the lives of the yellow alley cat Top Cat (or TC), and his gang of rag-tag cats, Benny the Ball, Choo Choo, Fancy Fancy, Brain, and Spook. The main article is Top Cat (series). Additional entries into the franchise included Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats in 1988, Top Cat: The Movie in 2011, and Top Cat: Begins in 2015. There have also been quite a few comics and books.

Latest activityEdit

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Top Cat

The gang, from left to right are Top Cat, Fancy Fancy, Benny The Ball, The Brain, Choo Choo, and Spook

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