Honeydew Mellon is a classy showgirl Benny was briefly infatuated with in The Golden Fleecing. However she was apart of a gang of con-artists who wanted nothing more than to separate Benny from his money. In the end she, as well as her "mumsie" and "popsie" are arrested by Officer Dibble. She was voiced by Sally Jones.


Honeydew is a tall, thin, pink cat with almond-shaped eyes and a white, raindrop shaped muzzle. She does not have any whiskers, and has a curly tuft of fur on the top of her head and on the sides. She wears what seems to be a red pearl necklace, with a matching dress that shows off and accenting her cleavage.


Seemingly sweet and charming, she is excellent at schmoozing and charming her soon-to-be victims with her sweet manipulation tactics. She will lie and cheat and steal, and does not seem to regret it. 

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