Fancy Fancy is the smooth-talking casanova of the gang. Similarly to Spook, he has the speech pattern and vernacular of Cary Grant. He was voiced by John Stephenson in the original series.


A suave looking cat with light brown - almost mocha - colored fur with a peach colored muzzle. He sometimes looks tan or even orange depending on the material. Like Spook, he is one of the two thicker cats in the gang. He has a long, bushy tail that has a black tip similarly to Choo Choo. He wears a white scarf around his neck.


He is a rather charming sweet-talker who is quite popular with the ladies, and much like Spook he often tends to be quite relaxed. He has a rather confident demeanor. And though he loves to spend quality time with his various romances - none of which seem to last particularly long - he is far more dedicated to TC and the rest of the gang and will abruptly leave dates to attend gang meetings.

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